Saturday, October 8, 2016

Video: John Kerry tells the truth about Syria/ISIS. The US and Russia move closer to war.

Leaked audio from a meeting held between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Syrian nationals sheds important light on the Obama administration's policies in Syria: in a nutshell, Washington was deliberately using ISIS as leverage to oust Assad before Russia intervened. So much for the administration's alleged "humanitarian" concerns! Turning ISIS loose on a population isn't exactly doing it a favor.

Now the administration is considering strikes against Assad's government while Russia warns that it will view any attack on Assad as an attack on Russia. Any administration crazy and power-mad enough to deliberately allow a group of animals like ISIS to prosper in order to oust someone far less awful is capable of anything, even instigating a world war (which will, quite probably, end with nuclear exchanges). Again, so much for the "humanitarian" concerns! Washington may be on the brink of creating the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in history.

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