Friday, October 31, 2008

Naomi Wolf and the "End of America"

Those of you who are as concerned as I am about America's descent into police-state USA should appreciate Naomi Wolf's new film "The End of America." The film is based on her bestselling book of the same title, and illustrates the ten ways in which would-be dictators shut down free societies.

The examples provided in the film are as current as the GOP convention protest arrests. Having watched it this evening, I can also say that it is probably the best produced "freedom movement" film I've seen to date. It looks very professional, and conveys its message clearly: America, wake up or else.

You can watch the whole film here:

The official film site, where you can order copies, is here:

Naomi Wolf's website is here:

Finally, as a bonus (act now!), you can listen to a great interview Lew Rockwell recently conducted with Ms. Wolf, although she ends up interviewing him to some degree as well. It's a great listen, especially if you've ever had questions as to how practical libertarian ideals really are:

As the old campfire tune goes, pass it on. Ms. Wolf is one brave lady. I wish we had a million more like her.