Monday, October 17, 2016

The Aleppo Crisis - Reality versus Propaganda

The war hawks in Washington are anxious for America to directly intervene in the Syrian civil war, and are alleging that Syrian president Assad and his Russian allies are deliberately targeting civilians in the besieged city of Aleppo. They point to a "humanitarian crisis" and insist that something must be done. Some points need to be made here:

1) Washington has been arming, funding, and training the Syrian opposition to Assad for several years now. So the truth is that we have already intervened, and that intervention has arguably lengthened the war and intensified the crisis. Washington thus bears part of the blame for the situation as it currently exists.

2) Washington alleges that Assad and his Russian allies are deliberately targeting civilians in Aleppo; however, to date I have not seen any evidence of this. They are attacking Aleppo because that is where the opposition forces (and the barbarians of ISIS) have entrenched themselves. If they want to fight these groups, they must engage them where they are - and they are in Aleppo. If they left Aleppo alone, these groups would entrench themselves further and have a secure base from which to launch attacks at their leisure.

3) The only way for Washington to intervene would be to directly engage with the military forces of Syria and Russia, thus virtually ensuring World War III. Do the hawks seriously think that we would gain anything by turning the whole world into a giant Aleppo? Are we really prepared to kill tens of millions to (supposedly) alleviate a problem affecting thousands?

4) Washington's past interventions do not create much of a basis for hope. We have ruined Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lybia, and we have no apparent plan to do anything much different in Syria. The so-called "moderate opposition" to Assad is not so very moderate after all. We invite yet another disaster by turning the country over to it.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Not a fan of "October Surprises"

Video: John Kerry tells the truth about Syria/ISIS. The US and Russia move closer to war.

Leaked audio from a meeting held between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Syrian nationals sheds important light on the Obama administration's policies in Syria: in a nutshell, Washington was deliberately using ISIS as leverage to oust Assad before Russia intervened. So much for the administration's alleged "humanitarian" concerns! Turning ISIS loose on a population isn't exactly doing it a favor.

Now the administration is considering strikes against Assad's government while Russia warns that it will view any attack on Assad as an attack on Russia. Any administration crazy and power-mad enough to deliberately allow a group of animals like ISIS to prosper in order to oust someone far less awful is capable of anything, even instigating a world war (which will, quite probably, end with nuclear exchanges). Again, so much for the "humanitarian" concerns! Washington may be on the brink of creating the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in history.

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John Kerry audio:
Russian general:

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Brexit Imperative

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” - Thomas Paine

Almost anything worth doing contains an element of risk. Typically, the risks involved in an enterprise correspond to the potential rewards—in other words, the greater the potential for reward, the greater the risks involved.

Think for a moment of the sacrifices made by those who first immigrated to America from Europe. They forsook civilization in favor of a wilderness—virtually a form of self-imposed exile—and there were undoubtedly many among their friends and family who counseled them to reconsider in light of the risks: disease, unsanitary shipboard conditions, lack of shelter, hostile natives, the very real possibility of starvation if crops failed to grow, the near certainty of never seeing friends and family again, and a host of related issues. In spite of the risks, however, they persevered in hope of great reward: the chance to establish a new land, where they could live according to the dictates of their conscience...

Britain recently took the controversial step of separating from the European Union in order to protect its own interests—to ensure that the British people have the foremost say in shaping their country’s destiny. And as was true of previous generations, there are legions of critics warning of all manner of dire consequences stemming from this move...

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Empire of the Mind

While I’m gratified that so many Americans are at last waking up to the sorry state of our Republic, I have to take issue with the oft-stated notion that America is becoming an empire. On the contrary: America has been an empire for some time now. What is happening to us in terms of our loss of liberties and our government’s increasing aggression, both at home and abroad, is not the onset of some new thing. It is, rather, the final stage of an illness that has proven fatal to every people who have ever contracted it—a disease of the mind. For before an empire can be birthed on the world stage it must first be conceived in the minds of men, and the imperial mindset was present in our United States of America from the very beginning.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Gendergeddon: Redefining Sex and Institutionalizing Confusion

"Undoubtedly many on the Left will applaud this Obama administration directive as a great step toward achieving true equality–whatever that is ultimately defined as meaning in a world where reality seems ever more increasingly fluid. Whatever your political persuasion, however, it ought to be more than a little alarming that an administration has decided it has the right to force an unprecedented ideological shift concerning something as fundamental as sex and gender on every public school student in the country, all without parental consent, a vote of the people, or even any debate in Congress (never mind a lack of underlying Constitutional authority)..."

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