Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Alternative for November

Once upon a time, I consistently voted GOP in the belief that I was supporting the "lesser" evil out of sheer, defensive necessity. Over the years, however, the "lesser" evil has become so evil that I can no longer conscience supporting it. I cannot give approval to a party that promotes torture, a police state, and endless war, all supposedly in the name of freedom. The real enemies of our freedoms are not hiding in caves planning terror attacks; they're in Washington D.C., smiling for the cameras, passing fiat legislation, fleecing us for money to prop up their agendas at our expense, sending our people to kill and be killed in order to project power, and grinning from ear to ear as they know that, in spite of it all, most Americans will go to the polls and vote them right back into power.

Folks, it has to stop somewhere. If we don't vote for them; they can't win.

This year, vote for a good choice over the "lesser" evil:

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of Freedom