Friday, March 20, 2009

Trillion dollar deficits?

In the latest news from the Twilight Zone, it seems that we're heading for $1 trillion deficit territory and the Obama administration isn't blinking an eye. What makes this even more incredible is that these deficits are predicted to prevail for the next DECADE. $1 trillion deficits each year for the NEXT TEN YEARS!!!

I wish someone would Photoshop pics of Obama and Ben Bernanke onto the famous ending shot from "Thelma and Louise," where they're driving over the cliff. The car could be labeled "U.S. economy". Heck, why not just label it "America"? Add a little "Yes we can" bumper sticker to complete the look.

Sadly, I don't have Photoshop, nor do I have sufficient talent as an artist to draw a good political cartoon of this. Maybe someone else out there can tackle it.

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David said...

Perhaps, when that Photoshop designer makes himself known and executes your wonderful cartoon idea, he might depict the exhaust stream emanating from the rear of the vehicle as that collection of U.S. citizens, bound to follow the administration into the abyss of financial catastrophe with no second thoughts - simply because they had no primary ones.