Friday, July 18, 2008

Fred Reed on Guns for Self Defense

The following is an excellent article by Fred Reed on "Guns for Defense". In it, Fred responds to someone who wrote an article advising people that they shouldn't use guns for self-defense due, among other reasons, to the assumption that all most criminals want is your TV. Fred throws cold water on that idiotic notion, and reminds us of why the phrase "taking out the trash" is so fitting:


But what I dislike most about Smith’s advice is his advocacy of helpless passivity. It embodies a profound change in American attitudes, which once favored self-reliance. Now it’s reliance on the group. Don’t take primary responsibility for your defense. No, that would be violent, or scary, or macho, and all. No, let the criminals do whatever they want with you, rely on their merciful natures, and call 911 if you survive.

This is exactly what Smith advocates. If I were a criminal, I would love this guy.

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