Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Liberal Who Would Be President

The following article concerning John McCain was sent to me by a Ron Paul supporter. I thought it was worth sharing with the blogosphere:


The Liberal Who Would Be President

Who’s the biggest liberal running for president? Is it Hillary Clinton, an outspoken advocate of universal health care? Or is it Barack Obama, who wants the Treasury to print $4,000 for every college-bound student and then distribute the “money” like welfare checks to everyone who wants one?

Actually, neither Hillary nor Obama is the biggest liberal running for president. Looking at his record, it turns out that the biggest liberal in the race is none other than John McCain. And not surprisingly, the liberal mainstream media is fighting hard to anoint John McCain the Republican presidential nominee.

Nothing is more dangerous to liberty – not even a second Clinton presidency, with its universal health care and activist judges – than a liberal who masquerades as a conservative.

While John McCain often talks about us being his “friends,” we all know that he is no friend of you, me, or the Constitution of the United States of America. As Ron Paul pointed out in his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference:

• John McCain’s best friend when it comes to issues of free speech is Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI). Former Reagan aide Mark Levin referred to the McCain-Feingold restrictions on free speech as “the most brazen frontal assault on political speech since Buckley v. Valeo.”
• On immigration, John McCain’s best friend has been Teddy Kennedy, the liberal, establishmentarian from Massachusetts, who worked with McCain to try to push through the most sweeping amnesty bill in American history.
• On taxes, John McCain’s right-hand man was none other than Tom Daschle. Should it be surprising that John McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts – twice? (Those same cuts, by the way, that he told the CPAC audience he wants to make permanent. Nice timing, Senator.)
• On UN-sponsored treaties, not even the Clintons side with Al Gore as often as John McCain.

And let’s not forget John McCain’s infamous temper, his belief that we should keep printing money to pay for our troops to be overseas for another 100+ years, and his endorsements from former Democrat Joe Lieberman and the liberal New York Times, as well as liberal Republicans Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

No wonder John McCain was considered by John Kerry as a potential running mate in 2004!

There is only one person now who can prevent John McCain from becoming the Republican nominee, and that candidate is Ron Paul. John McCain stands completely opposed to every plank of the message of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Tell your friends: More restrictions on your civil liberties? More war? More government interference in the free market? Then John McCain’s your man.

But only Ron Paul can deliver us freedom, peace, and prosperity.

And while Mike Huckabee, who claims that this race is now only between him and McCain, tries to inject some humor now and again, what’s truly funny are his attempts to sound conservative. Mike may have lost a few pounds, but his liberal record is still nice and fat.

Remember Valley Forge. Now that Super Tuesday has passed, voters still have not gone to the polls in half of the United States.

There are still many delegates to be won, and Ron Paul is still the only true conservative running.

We have to fight for every delegate that we can, all the way to the Republican convention in St. Paul. With the convenient conservative Mitt Romney now out of our way, our chances are only stronger, particularly in caucus states.

John McCain may have a considerable number of delegates, but he doesn’t have the nomination locked up – yet.

We still have time to frustrate his plans to send this nation down a road it may never be able to come back from.

If you haven’t signed up already for Ron Paul’s precinct leader program, now’s your chance to convert Romney supporters to support the one true conservative: https://voters.ronpaul2008.com.

Let’s help Ron Paul win the remaining primaries and caucuses. Let’s help Ron Paul continue all the way to the Republican convention. Let’s help Ron Paul take our country back!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece. Thanks!

Godith said...

Wow! Thank you for the posting. McKeyne indeed.

Anonymous said...

Used to be the conservatives that supported open immigration. This is where Paul and the other "conservatives" deviate from real conservativism.

sharpinchitown said...

Conservatives always support open immigration when the "cup" is not yet full. It makes no sense to increase immigration at a time when underemployment is rampant and jobs are shed on a daily basis.

We did not have 300 million people living in this nation when we had conservative supported free and open immigration. Why would you continue to pour water into a glass that is already overflowing?

That which is incapable of being flexible in times of adversity and tough economic conditions will go the way of the dinosaur - it's about evolving or going extinct and the system's already overtaxed with welfare recipients, both the ultra rich and extreme poor as well as illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

No conservatve in his or her right mind would want open borders unless you want world government.

That's daft!

Anonymous said...

“A Roundtable on Campaign Coverage”

At about the 5:30 mark, listen to Andrew’s question and Tom Rosentiel’s answer. Tom is the Director for the Project of Excellence in Journalism (http://www.journalism.org/about_pej/about_us). Here is part of Tom’s answer:

“The day before Super Tuesday Ron Paul was a significant or primary figure in ZERO PERCENT of the stories we analyze...600 stories across 48 different news outlets. Andrew is correct in suggesting that the press has discounted the chances of Ron Paul having any success…There is no doubt, it’s an objective fact that the press has decided that Ron Paul is not a viable candidate.”
- Tom Rosentiel, Director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ), a research organization that specializes in using empirical methods to evaluate and study the performance of the press.